Our Horses

Ceylon Horse Trails is more than a riding programme. Our relationship to our horses is based on trust and caring. We know the different characters of our horses by heart and our principal guide Ishan is the key that provides trust and respect to our horses. We assure you that our horses are

  • Confident end emotionally stable
  • Safe in all surroundings (be it in road traffic, on the beach, traipsing through a jungle)
  • They are happy to be allowed to gallop along the beaches and happy to slowly explore the jungle or mountain area

Our team of horses comprise of Marwari, Sindi and the Kathwiari horses who are indigenous to India and are known for their intelligence, stamina and agility. Ideal for long distances, these horses have been imported from the deserts of Rajasthan and show little Arab influence. Marwaris were once famous for their bravery and courage in battlesas well as their loyalty to their riders. Marwari horses can be easily recognized by their distinctive ears as their ears can rotate 180° and the tips of the ears touch each other.