About Us

Ceylon Horse Trails provides horse riders an opportunity to explore Sri Lanka on horseback. The horse riding holidays are organized in cooperation with the Premadasa Riding School which is an educational institution for horse riding organizers of riding holidays and horse events on the island for the past 20 years.

Our experienced team is led by Mr. Ishan Dimbulkumbura who is backed by 15 years of experience as a  professional trail riding guide, riding instructor, a horse trainer and an equestrian competitor.

A full team will guide and take care of you on your riding holiday:

  • Groom – The groom will tend to the welfare of the horses who are at the heart of these riding holidays.
  • Certified Guide –Certified guides will let you in on the historical and cultural aspects which we will come upon during your ride.
  • Support Staff – Our support staff are key in ensuring a safe trip by exploring the trails upfront and ensuring the riders and horses stay hydrated. We will be accompanied by several people exploring the trip upfront and to make sure we carry enough water for the horses (and riders) even on hot days.